Welcome to the Hemp Association (HA): For Growers, Producers & Consumers.

HA: For Growers, Producers & Consumers is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to educate Growers, Producers & Consumers about the amazing structural and mechanical nature of the miraculous Cannabis / Hemp Plant: Cannabaceae.

The Hemp plant’s composition is made up of multiple types of Fiber, Cellulose (Hurd), Resin, Proteins, Polysaccharides, and their pre/post-cursors, salts, extracts etc that can be processed into many 10,000s of products.


Extracts from certain Hemp strains concentrate bio-active materials for numerous medicinal, cosmetic, dental, and topical uses.  CBD Oil has is being re-discovered for many uses.


Hempen Fiber was used for Cordage for many centuries, and Hemp Ropes can still be found today.

Fabric and Apparel are available with interesting properties that may be utilized in many industries and tests indicate Hempen fabrics suppress bacterial and viral spread.



Adidas has been an early adopter offering their classic Superstar athletic shoes Made of Hemp.

Hempcrete is one of the more popular uses currently around the Globe.  At University of Southern California, a 3D Home Printing project is underway.


3-D Printing with Hemp is a reality and taking off in Europe with innovation and design.

Hempen fibers are pressed into fiberboard for use in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and many U.S. made automobiles.  Below we see panels for a Kestrel vehicle from Canada.

We look forwards to becoming your truthful and transparent source of Science, Chemistry & Genetic information to the Hemp community, society and industry.  Thank you.  HA: For Growers, Producers & Consumers